Welcome to your life

Welcome to your life – that’s how it felt last night.

Sunrise Avenue with Wonderland Orchestra yesterday at Festhalle Frankfurt was already the second event of this tour I had the luck to join. First, I saw the Finnish guys in Leipzig and I enjoyed the performance with Wonderland Orchestra very much. It was amazing. However, what happened last night was more than overwhelming and I fear I don’t know enough words in whichever language to describe what we experienced in this beautiful location.


After the horrible terror attacks in Brussels only one day before and those harming Paris last year in November, there were moments I queried attending a concert in such a big location. But – if we do no longer dare to enjoy the music we like, to do whatever we want, the terrorists already have won.

And there were moments during the concert I vividly imagined the situation in the Bataclan in Paris last year when the terrorists shot people enjoying peacefully their concert – just as we were doing yesterday. This imagination scared me so much although my ideas how it might have felt for the victims would never come close to their brutal reality.


However, these thoughts of panic don’t help anybody – neither the victims nor us, the audience of this gorgeous event. The victims deserve never to be forgotten. And – life in Europe is not safe. That’s a fact. Nevertheless, I decided to follow Niila’s advice to forget all sorrows and everyday concerns during this event and to enjoy…


Thank you guys so much.

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