Captain Fantastic

'[Viggo] is an extraordinary man, an extraordinary mind. He had many thoughts and notes — great insights — before shooting. And once filming, Viggo contributed an effortless simplicity and deep humanity that, I believe, elevated the film.'

Matt Ross [director]
Cannes Festival
Eugénie Malinjod
20 May 2016


'....ultimately, it's not about these liberal, off-the-grid people you're going to follow through thick and thin. On many levels, the film is about communication. It's about being open to changing your mind about things and balancing things out as individuals. What does "Captain Fantastic" even mean? You might as well call it "The Perfect Dad." It's an ideal that you're never going to achieve because it's not possible. And yet, it doesn't mean you don't try.'

A Conversation with Matt Ross and Viggo Mortensen
Kee Chang

20 May 2016



"I couldn't have done this without [Viggo], he's my collaborator."

Matt Ross accepting his best director award
21 May 2016



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