There's always hope

Even today.


Although Donald Duck, sorry, Trump, was elected the next Mr President of the United States...


Kyle Woolard from the Anatomy of Frank wrote the following on Facebook today after the guys from Charlottesville, Virginia,  just had returned from their long tour through Europe:


"The words "bittersweet homecoming" come to mind.

Just know that if you are queer, trans, non-white, non-Christian, unamerican, or just not an asshole, you always have a place with us. You don't have to buy our CDs if you don't want to, but just know that we love you dearly. Our hearts go out to everyone who is hurting today.

We feel extremely fortunate to be in a career where both our fans and colleagues are largely so enlightened, introspective, inclusive, and progressive. We are in this game because of you, and we are so very grateful.

And yes, this is a political post from us. Donald Trump fucking sucks.




And that's what I had to answer him:


"I still remember your words at the Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg, Germany, in April... you told us, the audience, that you were ashamed of the presidential candidate Trump being an American like you (of course you are not like him because you are NOT AT ALL an asshole!).
In spring I couldn't imagine this nightmare coming true. Even yesterday I couldn't. Today I don't want to. I grieve for this world, for countries like yours and mine not being adult and enlightened enough for democracy.
I thought of you this morning when I read who became President of the US. Feeling sincere gratitude that there are still Americans like you guys. Or Viggo Mortensen. And other people characterized by deep humanity. We all need you more than ever.
Thank you for your words and for your music, Kyle. Hope to meet you again when you return to Germany.
Donald Trump fucking sucks.

Love and Peace for our World,


Above, I mentioned Viggo Mortensen. This morning, being shocked by the result of the US presidential election, I was looking for comfort and visited Viggo's Perceval Press page. (The actor is also an independent publisher.)


And I actually found  words easing my mind in his Letter of 06Nov2016 explaining his support for Jill Stein. Jill Stein has been the Green Party's nominee for President of the US in the 2016 election.


"Like many that supported Bernie, I trust Hillary Clinton about as far as I can throw Donald Trump.


So, why am I voting for Jill Stein?

Because I have done my best to inform myself about the many important issues that face our country, because I am following my conscience as an engaged citizen and a passionate supporter of the democratic process.

Because now is the time, not later, because I will not be intimidated by those who operate out of fear of significant change, because I will not be dissuaded by those who are understandably nervous about thinking long-term, about standing firm in the eternal battle for socio-economic justice and true political freedom in this country.

Because I am proud to be part of an ongoing, centuries-old democratic experiment that ought to always stand for fairness, compassion, and strength based on common sense and human decency at home and abroad.

Because there is always hope.

Because all we need to do to help it thrive is to embrace it and cultivate it to the best of our abilities in a conscious effort to eliminate the real obstacles to liberty and justice for all."


There's always hope - as long as there are Germans, Americans, People of the World  deserving to be named humane beings.


People fighting for the dignity of all men to be unviolable.

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